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Are you willing to improve your understanding of a mathematical concept? Do you want to learn a specific topic in mathematics? You will present an exam in mathematics and you need help to study? Contact us.

Who are we?

We are a group of mathematicians engaged with the improvement of the mathematical knowledge in Mexico. We are focused in two main objectives, one of them is to offer courses in mathematics that range from basic level (primary and secondary schools) to postgraduate level (master or doctorate programs). The second objective is to develop mathematical research along side the most novel international works.


We are concerned about the quality and angle of current teaching of mathematics in Mexico, therefore we have the need to contribute to it. Regarding mathematical research we would like to participate in the diversification of subjects and to promote cooperation between private industry and academy. 

For more than ten years I have dedicated my life to learn mathematics in different countries such as Mexico, United States, United Kingdom and France, among others. I am convinced that mastering mathematics is one of the best means to create knowledge and to solve problems (not exclusively mathematical ones!).


I would like to contribute to the formation of individuals who, regardless of their academic formation or expertise will be dextrous in handling mathematical ideas despite of their complexity.