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I am a mathematics enthusiast, I am specialised on mathematical logic. My goal is to do research on Model Theory and its applications.

I studied the undergraduate degree in mathematics at UNAM, later I studied the Analyse, Arithmétique et Géometrie masters program at Université d’Orsay in Paris. Nowadays I am finishing my Doctorate program at Oxford University. During my studies, I have visited and studied at numerous mathematical institutes such as UCLA, Münster Universität, Notre Dame University, Institute Henri Poincaré, CIRM, Sophus Lie Conference Centre among others. I have also been invited to talk about my research in several occasions .

My dream is to participate in the creation of a privately funded mathematical institute in Mexico that teaches and does high quality research in mathematics. 

Motivated by my teaching job as a tutor in Analysis at Corpus Christi College, as well as in other courses (for exchange students from American Universities) at Worcester College, Stanford House and Exeter College in Oxford, I crafted a plan to finance my and other mathematicians` research by means of teaching customised courses based on the courses I have taught.


I also have experience as a tutor in England and France, the objective of these tutorials was to potentialise the mathematical abilities of the students as well as to widen their perspectives; an activity I immensely enjoy.